When you buy or sell a home, you’re investing a huge amount of your time and money. You deserve the biggest return with the least hassle possible, and The Marjorie Adam Team works hard to give you the support to accomplish your goals.

For us, it’s personal.

Your real estate purchase or sale should never feel like just a transaction. Whether you want to play with your kids at one of our events or borrow our moving truck just to pick up a couch, we remain your team of friends and advocates for years and years.

This is more than just a job for us. It’s our passion.


We were raised in Charlottesville and grew up watching our mother provide attentive, thoughtful service to her central Virginia real estate clients. For decades we took notes as she worked her magic, nurturing relationships that continue to grow to this day. This inspired our desire to join her in helping families with their real estate needs.

We continue to offer unparalleled knowledge and more than 36 years of combined success working with home buyers and sellers in the Charlottesville area real estate market. Our team is made up of specialists whose skills complement our strengths and whose genuine care for clients reflect our family values.

We’re not just your real estate advocates—we’re also your neighbors and soon-to-be friends. For us, going above and beyond means building life-long relationships, not just closing the sale.

We believe in sharing our successes and giving back to the Charlottesville area community. We donate a portion of each commission to Children’s Miracle Network, which supports the UVA Children’s Hospital right here in Charlottesville. Our team also volunteers monthly at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. We believe every home that is bought or sold through the Marjorie Adam Team should support the health and happiness of other local families.

Meet our team of specialists.

Discover the difference that working with a team can make.

Over the years, we’ve perfected our systems to help our clients buy and sell real estate in the Charlottesville area. Each one is an exact, efficient science in which each team member has specific roles and responsibilities that allow us to work in concert as a synchronized team.

The result? You get a smooth, efficient and enjoyable real estate experience.

Meet the experts who support you each step of the way.


Marjorie Adam


With over 20 years of local real estate experience, Marjorie is a data-driven master of market analysis whose pricing and tough negotiation skills consistently win for our clients. She’s also a passionate leader who not only inspires her team members to maximize their strengths, but also shares her expertise with Realtors across the country as a CORE Coach. She’s consistently ranked among the top Realtors in our local market. Marjorie graduated from Susquehanna University in 1993 and spent almost 2 years traveling the country. She moved back to Charlottesville after marrying Philippe, a Belgian chef, and became a Realtor. She had the fortune of joining her mom, who was already a successful local Realtor. Five years later, as her business grew, she formed the Marjorie Adam Team, determined to provide the highest level of service and market specialization in the Charlottesville area.

Not-so-secret superpowers: market analysis, negotiation, client communication

Learn about Marjorie and her real estate team.

Jacques Gates


With a designer’s eye and a Realtor’s pragmatism, Jacques’ expertise helps clients to sell or buy homes, focusing on their specific wants and needs. For sellers, he combines his studies in psychology, art, and graphic design at the University of Virginia and Penn State to create inspired marketing packages, so our clients’ homes stand out from the crowded landscape of listings. For our buyers, he hosts honest, thoughtful conversations about the condition and any possible concerns for potential purchases. Jacques has attended several hundred home inspections since joining The Marjorie Adam Team in 2004, helping our clients set realistic expectations, minimizing the chance of unwelcome surprises and finding a home that fits each family’s lifestyle and needs.

Not-so-secret superpowers: marketing, photography, home condition resale assessment

Jacques talks about his passions and expertise with the team.

Brittney Wills


Real estate can be a bumpy ride—but thanks to Brittney, you’ll never feel the turbulence. Our detail-oriented specialist pays careful attention to the hundreds of moving parts in every real estate purchase or sale, freeing our clients’ busy schedule and setting minds at ease. A Western North Carolina native with a knack for handling stressful situations with poise, she joined The Marjorie Adam Team in 2014. Since then, Brittney has been coordinating with lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and appraisers, safeguarding the details and ensuring that each real estate experience flows smoothly from one checkpoint to the next.

Not-so-secret superpowers: contract management, attention to detail, client service

Brittney knows what attention to detail can do for your home buying process.

Bethanny Shaffer


Bethanny moved from Pennsylvania to Charlottesville in 2013 and joined the Marjorie Adam Team in 2017 as the Listing Manager and Buyer Specialist. Holding a degree in Criminal Justice, she never imagined her path would lead her to real estate, but she’s sure glad it did. Her kind personality, attention to detail, and ability to multi task ensures that our clients are handled delicately and punctually every step of the way. In her spare time, Bethanny enjoys spending time with her husband, Nolan; their son, Brooks; and their dog, Rooster.

Not-so-secret superpowers: listing management, buyer management, staging

Bethanny joins the team and adds staging credentials