Food Bank

Q3 Market Report
October 13, 2016

When you visit the website for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, you’ll immediately see the alarming statistic that explains “In the Blue Ridge Area, 1 in 10 people struggles with hunger.”

If you investigate a little further, you’ll find that based on the websites data:

64% of families choose between paying for housing or paying for food

72% choose between paying for utilities or paying for food

68% choose between paying for medicine or paying for food

67% choose between paying for transportation or paying for food.

The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank serves 25 counties and 8 cities, offering monthly meals to 118,600 people. There is always so much to be done behind the scenes in order for this number of people to be helped consistently.

The Marjorie Adam Team takes the opportunity each month to spend a few hours at the Charlottesville branch of the food bank helping with whatever project Ms. Wanda can throw our way. From washing bottled drinks to sorting food items, there is always a task for volunteers to help tackle.

If time is limited, food donations are also accepted. As the holidays approach, food drives will happen all over the Blue Ridge and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for the large blue bins just waiting to be filled, sorted and then used to help those families in need.